“I Love Everyone” from The Debt Collector: Are People Who Love Everyone Greedy?

Love is the most powerful emotion in the world. When we truly love someone, we would do anything to spare them pain. We feel their suffering as if it were our own. We rejoice when they do.  Their happiness is our happiness. We would share with them our last morsel of bread and even die for them, if that’s what it took to save their lives. But such a strong emotion isn’t something casual, isn’t a common thing that we feel for every passing stranger, and some people never even get to experience it at all. It is as rare as it is powerful, and those who have felt it would never trade it for anything else.

In the song “I Love Everyone” from the musical The Debt Collector, Siren the social worker claims to feel this ultimate emotion for everyone and anyone. Aside from the question of whether it is possible to love everyone, ask yourself also what someone who professes to love everyone is hoping to get in return. Siren seems to think that everyone loves her, and if reciprocity in love were the norm, rather than the exception, what a great  boon it would be for any one person to be loved by so many!

The Debt Collector features music by Daniel Carter. The book and lyrics are by me: Aya Katz. In the video embedded above the part of Siren is sung by Christa Reaves. The accompaniment is by Emily Shaffer. If your theater company is looking for a libertarian musical, please contact us.


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